Need to develop your idea in the health sector?

We are experts in

Group 3846

Polymer components for medical devices and in vitro diagnosis.

Group 3876

Development, manufacture and sale of medical devices and supplies.

Group 3827

Biomedical signal processing.

Group 3836

Certification and health regulations.

Group 3878

Management of biological samples and thermolabile drugs.

Group 3869

Electronics, hardware, software and SaaS.

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What is your challenge? We can help you develop it

A common challenge

We have partnered our customers for many years, working in accordance with the most demanding health standards and regulations. Our market presence throughout the entire value chain makes us a unique partner.

Group 3855

Industrial perspective

Group 3854

Industrialisation skills

Group 3856

Expertise in standards and regulations

Group 3857

Market knowledge

Group 3855

Product feasibility

Group 3854

Rapid prototyping and design support

Group 3856


Group 3857


Want to know more about us?

How do we do it?

  • We listen to the problems.
  • We draw up a plan.
  • We perform follow-up.
  • Prototyping
  • Initial production test
  • Verification
  • Validation
  • Certification
  • Industrialisation
  • Marketing
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