Group 3862

Medical supplies

We develop and manufacture medical supplies for hospitals, complying with strict legal and quality standards. Providing new solutions to meet the sector’s needs.

Group 3839

Emergency backup

Maximising custormers’ safety and peace of mind, we design and implement emergency plans to suit each customer. Space booked for immediate transfer by a qualified team, with a fleet of vehicles meeting the required temperature conditions and a 24/7 service.

Group 3683


We manage and storage biological samples and thermolabile drugs. The samples and biological tissues and the drugs are protected in biopreservation rooms specially equipped with the latest technology and monitoring systems.

Group 3860

Advisory service and advanced training

We help companies implement a prevention, health and wellness culture, through employee training.

Group 3832

Medical Services for companies

We offer Medical Services for healthcare action at companies. Our health professionals have vast experience in providing care and attention for employees’ health problems.

Group 3826


We develop Clinical analyses, toxicology and industrial hygiene: Our Laboratory is staffed by people with vast experience in clinical analyses, occupational toxicology and environmental sample analysis at workstations.

Group 3869


We design, develop and manufacture defibrillators and defibrillator monitors. From easy-to-use defibrillators for non-medical personnel to high-performance defibrillator monitors for the hospital and emergency sector.

Group 3872


Bridging the physical distances that prevent many people from accessing health services, we develop platforms enabling secure communication between medical professionals and patients, and devices for communication, monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of their complaints.

Group 3874

IVD Test

We manufacture components for microfluidic based in vitro diagnostic testing devices.

Group 3832


We provide a complementary solution for both home care and specialist services at nursing homes, listening to you and providing advice on comprehensive, personalised care options for the elderly or dependent or people with mental health problems or learning disabilities, and guaranteeing full care suited to their needs and those of their families.

Group 3876

Contract Manufacturing

We are able to develop, manufacture and commercialise at our facilities, with provision of a full range of services from components and hardware to the end product.

Group 3846

Medical supplies / Medical devices

We manufacture polymer-based medical components.