Supporting the life project is caring

Today’s society is experiencing a major change at a relational level, and this has an important influence on care. On November 9, as part of the events to celebrate GSR’s 20th anniversary, the conference “Supporting the life project is caring” took place at the Garaia technology park, with the participation over 200 people.

The aim of the day was to deepen in the model of person-centered care from the perspective of ethics and commitment to people.

The day began with a presentation by Javier Yanguas (PhD in Psychology and Scientific Director of the Elderly Program of La Caixa Foundation) who presented “The lost connections”. The importance of recovering care as a way of relating from the recognition of people.

Afterwards, Ana Urrutia (Geriatrician, Doctor in Geriatrics, Master in Psychogeriatrics, Gerontologist and Expert in Bioethics and Biolaw, President of the Dignified Care Foundation, and creator of the “Libera-Care Standard, Model of Care Centered on the Person without Subjections”) explained the history and future of the evolution towards the Person Centered Care without Subjections in GSR. The Ethics Committee of GSR was presented where we met the people who are currently part of it.

The day continued with the presentation of Marije Goikoetxea (Psychologist and PhD in Human Rights, professor of ethics at the University of Deusto and consultant for the development of ethics in social and health services) who explained the Ethics and good treatment in the care of people who need support for a good life.

Marijo Garate (GSR Egia residence coordinator, expert in implementation of Person Centered Care processes) explained the steps for meaningful care.

All the speakers were accompanied by GSR professionals who explained in the round tables the experience and progress made in GSR in recent years.

The day concluded with the collection of the challenges regarding the care proposed by GSR for the coming year.