GSR Egiluze: Shelter for people with diverse needs

GSR Egiluze started its activity in April 2023. The center is located in the Lapice neighborhood of Irun, a unique enclave, surrounded by mountains and nature with all the comforts of being in the heart of the town.

GSR Egiluze center has residential units for people with intellectual and physical disabilities with extensive generalized support needs and severe mental disorder, as well as a day center designed specifically for people affected by acquired brain damage.

The center has 61 places arranged with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and is distributed in two residential units for severe mental disorder with 12 and 13 places, and two other residential units for people with disabilities, with 12 and 11 places respectively. In addition, the day center for people with brain damage has 15 places.

Each user has an individualized rehabilitation support plan, led by a large multidisciplinary team of professionals to provide care aimed at the well-being and physical, psychological and social improvement of each person.