MEDICA stands out as the world’s leading trade fair for healthcare and medical technologies, gathering more than 4,500 exhibitors from 66 countries and attracting more than 81,000 international visitors. This B2B event celebrated in Düsseldorf is positioned as one of the world’s largest medical trade fairs, offering a comprehensive platform for showcasing products and innovations in fields such as medical imaging, laboratory technology, diagnostics, health IT, physiotherapy/orthopedic technology and medical consumables. Forums and conferences enrich the event as an ideal space for the exchange of knowledge and demonstrations of the latest technologies.

Three cooperatives belonging to MONDRAGON Health have participated in MEDICA 2023: Bexen Cardio as exhibitor, and Bexen Medical and ERREKA as visitors.

Bexen Cardio, with more than 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and commercialization of medical solutions, has actively participated in MEDICA 2023, exhibiting its defibrillators, designed to save lives and provide a fast and effective response in critical situations. In addition, it has presented innovative solutions such as its cardiac telemonitoring service, allowing continuous and remote monitoring of patients’ cardiovascular health. They had the opportunity to present their new training defibrillator, the Reanibex 100 Trainer. 

Customer proximity, agility of response, advanced competencies in electronics, signal processing, regulatory compliance and a continuous focus on innovation are distinctive attributes of Bexen Cardio.

On the other hand, Bexen Medical and ERREKA have participated as visitors at the fair. Bexen Medical specializes in the manufacture and commercialization of medical devices and is an ally for the biotechnology sector for the management and care of tissues and thermolabile medications, supporting the development of gene and cell therapies.

ERREKA, expert in contract manufacturing of polymer components for medical devices and advanced solutions for mobility aids. Both companies have taken advantage of the prominent Medica 2023 platform to discuss their innovations and significant contributions to the advancement of medicine and healthcare.

Participation in this global event has been essential, not only for showcasing innovative products, but also for networking with industry leaders, exchanging knowledge and keeping abreast of the latest technologies in healthcare. 

Medica 2023 has been a crucial milestone for Bexen Cardio, Bexen Medical and ERREKA, consolidating their position as key actors at the forefront of innovation and contributing significantly to the advancement and excellence in the global health and medical technology sector.