Oihana Barandiaran: “Technology has to solve problems, if it does not solve them it is generating more problems”


Oihana Barandiaran, Bihar‘s Communication Director, participated in the BIHARKO Gipuzkoa forum, a forum organized by the newspaper Noticias de Gipuzkoa that was held to provide answers and make Gipuzkoa a more prosperous territory.

The aim of this forum was to open a dialogue to contribute with ideas and solutions and, in this way, forge a more prosperous and sustainable future for the territory. To this end, the challenges facing Gipuzkoa were analyzed from three perspectives: social, economic and environmental.

Bihar Cooperative

Oihana Barandiaran indicated that today, in the Basque Country, around 22% of people are over 65 years old. However, she pointed out that by the year 2040, 33% of the population will be over 65 years old. She pointed out that this fact is positive, but that it generates changes that we must face.

In addition, Barandiaran indicated that when people are asked where they want to grow old, 95% indicate that they want to grow old at home. “We have to respect the life project of the elderly,” Barandiaran manifested. As Barandiaran says, MONDRAGON Health’s Bihar cooperative was launched precisely as a response from this service to the home. At Bihar they are convinced that we have to put people at the center and listen to them so that we can then propose products and services based on their real needs.

In conclusion, Barandiaran pointed out that we have to consider that technology has to solve problems, if it does not solve them, it is generating more problems. As Bihar’s director of communications commented, technology and digitalization are positive for the elderly care sector, as long as it generates value and does not create a digital divide.