Polymer components for medical devices

The use of polymer components for medical devices has increased greatly in recent years due to the evolution of polymers and also the evolution of polymer transformation methods.

Metal and glass components are being replaced in many cases by polymer components, in many fields of medical devices, such as: drug delivery systems and in vitro diagnostic tests.

Good knowledge of materials

The use of biocompatible materials with great optical characteristics is key to this change. For the definition of the polymer injection process, a good knowledge of materials such as COC, COP or medical grade PMMA is very important.

Clean room and ISO 13485

The injection of this type of medical devices, in most cases, must be carried out in certified clean rooms, special injection machines, under ISO 13485 standards and always with a specific quality control process for each device. Immediate packaging after manufacturing within the clean room is very important to maintain the cleanliness range obtained.

Full in-house tool shop

The quality of the tooling is very important to achieve homogeneous components, and the possibility of having a complete internal tool workshop is a great value to have all the tools within the same roof, without the need to move tools for maintenance or repair activities with transportation risk.

At ERREKA they meet all these requirements and could be a good partner in the medical sector. If you have any questions about this topic, you can arrange a meeting at the following link: https://medical.erreka.com/arrange-meeting/