Solution for adherence problems in polymedicated patients

MAP is a pharmaceutical service that consists of organizing oral solid medication in devices in a personalized way to improve therapeutic adherence, increasing the safety and effectiveness of the patient’s pharmacotherapeutic treatments.

When therapeutic noncompliance is detected, there are different methods designed and implemented to facilitate the correction of this problem. Thus, the use of calendars and reminders facilitates increased therapeutic compliance but does not avoid the risk of confusing and taking one medicine for another.

The pharmacist, after reconciling the therapeutic regimen with the patient, places the medication according to the prescribed dosage, organized by days and doses as prescribed by the physician, delivering the medication to the patient in a personalized way and following its evolution over time.

There are different types of MAP, manual devices with weekly airtight blister format in which the medication is introduced manually, and semi-automatic or automatic MAP devices that, in addition to maintaining airtightness, additionally have tracking software in which all important information is clearly printed, fully configurable and identified by code for traceability on the blister.

Fagor Healthcare offers a semi-automatic system for MAP preparation in the pharmacy. The system consists of a device called Medical Dispenser, a software that helps you to execute and fulfill all the requirements associated to MAP, such as traceability, safety, labeling… with a packaging that meets European pharmacopeia and sealing requirements to guarantee the stability of the medicines.