Agreement between Bihar Homecare and Pía Aguirreche Foundation

The agreement formalized between Bihar Homecare and the Pía Aguirreche Foundation seeks to consolidate the principles of palliative care in society. This agreement will contribute both to promote the values of the palliative culture and to encourage the autonomy of people at home.

BIHAR offers a free advice service to answer all kinds of queries about aids, types of care… It also offers support products, technical products Kilometer 0 (manufactured in the cooperative environment) that facilitate rest and mobility. Finally, it offers home care services under a personalized plan studied through an individual assessment at home.

Pía Aguirreche Foundation, a non-profit organization specialized in the training and dissemination of palliative care, has as its fundamental mission to dignify the lives of terminally ill patients and their caregivers. Promoting palliative medicine as a medical specialty, the foundation focuses on informative training for patients and families, and training for health professionals.

Training emerges as one of the key pillars of this collaboration. Both institutions recognize the importance of transmitting knowledge about palliative culture to caregivers, whether professionals or family members, as an essential element in improving the quality of life of people in need of care.

The first training course took place on November 23 at BIHAR central offices and was led by Jacinto Bátiz Cantera, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, head of the palliative care unit at the Hospital de San Juan de Dios for more than three decades and author of several books on palliative care.